7 Most Important Things to Do in Stanley Park

Stanley Park Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Stanley Park is Vancouver's first and most beloved urban park. Its huge green area provides a ton of different activities for people of all ages. Here are the most important things to do while you're here:

Ride the Miniature Train
Kids and adults will enjoy riding this replica of the train from Canada's first transcontinental railway. One of the most popular attractions in the park, this train moves approximately 20,000 passengers every year.

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Stanley Park urban park in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Early 1900s postcard by Edward Bros. of the “Narrows Side” of Stanley Park

Stanley Park is a 404.9 hectare urban park bordering downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Thare are Totem Poles in Stanley Park, History Walking Tours, Bewitching Forest Scenes, Brockton Point Lighthouse Lost Lagoon Reflections, Great cedar tree, Harry Jerome Memoria, Seawall is a scenic 22 km of path that lines Vancouver’s waterfront, it's ready for ,biking, walking, taking an aerial view of the along the seawall. Great view across the seasons for the entire year.